Friday, April 07, 2006

Why Not?

I was checking out dna's (God bless the Negreanu Open!) blog and figured since I am in front of my computer most of my waking hours, usually playing online poker, and since everybody has one nowadays, I too would create a poker blog to chronicle my personal ups and downs in the game that has seeped into every corner of my existence, sort of like my own "How I Tried To Pay For My Jeep With Poker"...

I've been playing for a little over 2 years now I think; casinos, online, home games, wherever I can find a game; living, breathing, eating, sleeping, shitting poker; trying to develop my game and having a fairly successful time doing so.

I placed 2nd in the Neg-O last night (my best finish ever!), would've won with my check-raise had the river not drowned me! 3rd in a $10 1+1 Rebuy tourney. And a measly $60 after 5 hours of Dealer's Choice with the Usual Suspects, for a total of about $600 for the day. Not too bad at all. Especially after the past few weeks have been rather poor for me on the tables. Dropped maybe $100 back in SNGs and MTTs @ FCP today, with one exception: my 1st victory (as small as it may be) in the ONPC, a $1 Turbo Sub Qualifier for a ticket to the next round (Round 1?). I placed 14th in a 1+1 today when I called a raise from the BB w/KJ and flopped top pair on a Jxx board, instantly moving all-in with my short stack, only to be called by A9, who turned a 9 and rivered an Ace?!? Die you fucktard. Bummer to hear DN busted out of the Foxwoods event already. Man, only a couple more months till the WSOP...


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