Monday, September 18, 2006

Blue is Gone; now it's push-button goodness

Old Blue has been retired; in its place is a brand-new '06 Air Nautique. Keyless ignition, hull seating, underseat iceboxes, draining drinkholders (so you can keep your beer on ice!), a push-button ballast system, cruise control, this baby's got it all. What 6 stacks of High Society'll getcha-some serious good times in Discovery Bay. On the other hand, Julio & Tracy's pup, Disco, has proven to be a real troublemaker as you can see-besides my sandal, he grabbed my Bluetooth headset, Tracy's cell phone, mail off the counter; the little bastard eats anything and everything. They did teach him to climb the swim ladder onto the boat dock though which is pretty slick. He's still a little monster though.


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