Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nothing Else To Do...

My stat tracker says that I'm up $1255 since the end of January but after treating myself to a nice new 17" LCD flatscreen monitor as a reward for my online play and forking over $500 for the upcoming FCPHUPL it sure doesn't feel like it. An extra $400 a month isn't really a whole lot anyhows I suppose. I guess putting myself $10K in debt for a set of wheels didn't help much either. Hope this carpal tunnel syndrome that feels like it's developing in my forearm from all the time I spend on my computer goes away. Not likely.

It's raining still and I'm not tired so I decided to jump into a $.25/.50 NL HE ring game at FCP as well as a $10 SNG. Slowly picking up a few pots here and there in both. 20 minutes later I'm down $25 when my JJ runs into KK. Fucking lock-up on my tourney screen and I lose a couple hundred in chips. Bullshit. When I finally get back to my table, find AQ and move, get called by the short-stack holding 53, who rivers a 5, 1 of only 3 possible outs on the river! Same jackass raises the minimum on the button so I move over the top after limping early w/22 and he calls again w/A3, getting no help thankfully. QQ first hand into the payout structure is nice, especially when the button raises. Finish in 2nd.

Hopefully I can make this my last pack of cigarettes. Been saying that for a while now. Like over 15 years. Well, another SNG, this one a 30-top for $5. Get paid off by a pair of tens with a 73, turning 2 pair but having to slow down with 4 to a straight out there. $5 MTT also. Move w/TT from the BB in a multi-way unraised pot, 44 calls, as does A5s, my pair stands and my stack triples in the SNG. Lose a monster pot then get some back when my AQ eliminates 44. Nothing in the MTT until my QQ gets outflopped by a pair of 5s and I donk the remainder of my stack off in frustration, my stack in the SNG quickly following suit as well. WTF am I doing?!? Time to log off. Good news is that DN approved CC Riders for the FCPHUPL!!! Wake up to a CardPlayer freeroll in the morning followed by the FCP Life of Sports +$3K and another freeroll for $25oo...


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