Friday, July 14, 2006

$20 X 93=$372 for me!

JJ snaps AA by spiking a Jack on the flop to propel me to the top 10 for the duration of the entire tourney pretty much. Another Glenn Chervin on the flop, with a pair of sixes to boot. 77 calls a short-stack's all-in and their QT gets a T on the turn when we're under 20. Down to 12 and it's folded around to me in the BB w/QQ-argh. AA-I min. raise on the button, no action. Grrrrr. Start playing a little too tight. AK takes the blinds. 83 flops 2 pair and my trap attempt almost backfires when a 4-flush hits the river. My Aces hold vs ATs (even with a scary-looking inside straight draw on the flop)! 3s have to make a value call but 9s win. 6s double me up, with a set on the river even. AK, no action. QQ loses a big one to AJs. This makes up for losing all my earlier profits back on a $1 table when I flop top pair, big kicker but opponent flops set. 46 flops a wrap draw and calls in position, 3 RIVER!

$372 for 2nd. I'm going to bed.


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