Sunday, July 09, 2006

Golf With Daniel Qualifier

43 entrants, top 3 get a seat in a freeroll with a prize of a golf weekend with Negreanu (funny when my friend called him Negeanru earlier today) in Vegas, top 10 get an autographed FCP hat.

Premium hands (AA back to back for example) propel me to the FT, AA right off the bat eliminates AQ on a Q high flop. Then luck, or divine intervention, or Bob, but something helped get me $172 off the $11 entry fee, as I was in 3rd with under 10K while #1 and #2 each had over 20K, then I river higher 2 pairs like 3 times. The AK v 55, flop KKK, between #1 and #2 helped also. The winner: K7 v 47, 4 on the flop, 4 on the river. Theresa-thanks for railing too BTW! (My teammate from the H/U league and friend from FCP, she also has a blog with other links too) Funny thing about the match too, I was 15 minutes late and lost almost 100 to blinds before I sat down because I was thinking 9PM PST not EST!

FCP WSOP Fantasy Pool, 130th out of 472 after 12 events with 2888 points.

Justin Pechie finished 3rd for $206,207 in Event #13 after he got it all to the center before the flop w/66 and his opponent showed 88. Both flopped sets, the case 8 also falling on the river! Congrats Looshle!!!


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