Saturday, July 08, 2006

Free $20 from CD Poker for no reason and $15 at UB AND Bodog for the July Card Player freeroll. Can't get past Stage 1 in the ONPC-won a Stage 1 ticket from a SNG and twice in a row I placed 2nd, which gives me back my original ticket + $7. Other MTTs online I just can't get a grip on as I am able to build a respectable stack early then blow it in the middle to later stages. Hot again, over a hundy-ugh. Tried's software but it just clogs my system if any other apps are running. Some cool features though. Met Michael, aka Pogue from FCP, as he lives across the Bay from me. Real nice guy-hopefully we'll see you (and Alan!) back at Checkpoint Charlie's next week. Or at Binion's apparently. If you ever get the urge to rent the movie Ultraviolet that just came out, DON'T. Horrible futuristic "thriller", she did have some cool guns though. Got to see Scott (sloshr from my H/U team) play on Live @ The Bike online.


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