Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poker is fun

Screw around at CD Poker on a $.10/.20 NL HE table, $15 buy-in. Play a T2s for fun, flop Q and 2 spades, QQ moves on it, I call, another caller as well, spike my flush. TT v QQ, opponent says, "Sorry," flop comes with a T, I say, "No prob." KQ on a QT9 flop, I move, AJ calls, Qs hold. +$40 on a micro-limit table!?!

I move over to a 6-handed $.25/.50 NL HE table and less than 10 minutes in I get AA, UTG raises to $1, I re-raise to $3, SB calls also. Flop 652, SB bets $3, UTG calls, I re-raise all-in for another $30+, SB calls w/79, turn 7, river 7. Wow. Buh-bye earlier profits.

Move to a full ring game and get blown out when I flop top 2 but 3s flop a set. Buh-bye freeroll winnings.

Buh-bye CD Poker.


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