Monday, July 17, 2006

Saturday night was semi-FCP with Matt and Michael. Even busted out a deck of FCP Copags for the occasion. Matt did pretty well for himself but Michael didn't fare quite as well on their first outing to the DMZ. I also made a sizable donation unfortunately, starting well then falling by the wayside. I hope you enjoyed the previous post Jiddy, and that you are also finished menstruating. Riders slide to 5-8 with Mathias' loss to Rhinestone and Broccoli. 2 matches left-Scott vs Team Arenas and myself facing off against the Thieves to end the inaugural season of the FCPHUPL. Went pretty far in some online MTTs, building some solid stacks, but then busted out outside the money-frustrating. One of the goddamn cats pissed on my clean clothes out of the dryer goddamnit. Oakland takes 2 out of 3 from the Bosox in Beantown, outscoring them by 23-11! 106 degress today. Can't wait for Vegas-for the air conditioning! Wheels up in 55 hours!!!


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