Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why aren't I still in bed?

Placed 26th out of 595 in last month's CardPlayer freeroll at UB-had around 10K @ the break but had to leave my computer due to another committment so ended up just blinding out for $20. Bust out in the middle of the field when a douchebag with nothing but a flush draw calls my top pair/wrap draw pot-sized bet on the flop and my all-in on the turn and miraculously rivers an Ace. Argh.

Life of Sports with an added 3 grand to the prize pool only draws 99 players!?! Only 10 pay but such a small field with such a bonus-thanks Full Contact! Tons of pockets; AA get called all-in by JJ, 77 X2 (flopped boss full once, 2nd time flopped top set, get re-raised by bottom pair?!). #1 @ the break w/9125! Flop a straight w/45s in the BB, opponent turns trips but thankfully the board does not pair on the river! AA, man I love no-brainers, um, I RE-raise. AK loses to TT dammit. 55, 44 both win. JJ gets too much continuous pressure so I fold when the turn brings a K and I lose the tourney lead. AK gets me in more trouble on an undercard board. Slipping, down to 7th. AT v KTc, flop A, all clubs, move after raising pre-flop, dodge a fatal bullet and end up back on top. AJs flops top pair but all a different suit and I don't like the continued pressure so I let it go. A5s turns 2nd button w/a wheel draw, river Ace to suck out on opponent's top pair. Let go of AJs that calls for half my stack pre-flop and my deuces get no help on the flop so I'm back down to 7th @ the 2nd break. 8th out of 13, one sec, I mean 12. No action on my JJ, 99 flops Q and I don't have the stones to call all my chips off. Raise w/JTs late and flop 2nd button with a 4 flush and move the rest of the way in for no call. 11 left. MONEY! English raises me so I move the rest of my little stack in w/A8, english shows 5s, Ace on the river! 5th of 6. Blow out with my A9 shorty vs JJ, J to give me an extra kick in the pants on the river! $300 though-thanks FCP! Gotta say this was one of the best games I've played in a while, skill-wise.

$2500 freeroll just started too. Only 74 in this one! Snap Aces w/KQ when the river gives him a pair and me a flush. AQs outflops KK. Doing pretty decent at the break. Wow, just watched an all-in KK v 67s, flop Kx5, my first thought was the only way dumbass can win it is with perfect running cards for a straight, and WHAM! he does just like that. Holy sweet Jeebus. Man, I am so hungry. All I've had today was a big energy drink and some cigs. Try to outplay the button but run into a wall, or a set more accurately. Pick up the nut flush and I'm OK again. Misplay my hand and let a man make a set on the turn when I should have shut him out on the flop with my top pair. QQ very next hand to double up when KJs calls my re-raise, JJ right after with no action and the cycle completes itself again. Down to 26, stuck in the middle. Take a hit to bring me down to 21 of 23-fuck. K5 hits top pair and I call a decent flop bet out of position but then when the turn is checked I am pretty sure I am good so I move on the river, saying 23, and he calls w/2nd button. I then lose some when I call shorty's move on a T9T board holding AT, vs Q9, A turn but no more aid. 13 (only the strange) remain, 8th place @ break #2. Hey, I'm not any less hungry but at least I'm winning money:-) Weakdraw raises in the cutoff, I hold A7s in the SB so I move over the top with the remainder of my stack, he calls w/96s, flop J77xJ! 4th-WOOHOO! Play over the top w/TT on a 99x board then flop the nut flush to eliminate one and take the lead! It's worth the haven't eaten, need more sleep, only a fat energy drink and nicotine in my system feeling in my gut right now. KK doubles through 99! Lose when I misplay my hand again and 5s turn a set. Raise 3 in a row and I'm leading once more. Evil and I start a betting war pre-flop but then check it all the way down like a stuttering waiter and my AQs is good. 4 players holding for a while. KK v TT and a K on the river makes 3! H/U w/Evil AQ v 77 (I think-my mind is flying right now!), A! AA and it's OVAH! $750!!! WOOOOO-HOOOOO!!! $1,058 on the day!!! And we ain't even done yet! Gearing up for the home game @ fabulous Checkpoint Charlie's this evening...


At 10:41 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Well played, A8 seems to get me everytime, usually with an 88 flop.
Good luck in the heads up matches


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