Friday, May 26, 2006

Bonds is claiming racism has interfered with his breaking the Babe's record. If you were White Barry, I'd probably hate you even more. So shut the fuck up. My teacher finally fixed my grade. Yes, finally, at the end of the subsequent quarter. After losing my final paper. Which I actually submitted early. Who's the slacker? I ended up with a little better than a 3.0 for the winter quarter, so on paper, it sure ain't me! Powe is leaving the Bears for the NBA. Oh well, not like he was there to help the squad last season really. His talent will be missed though. Taken the past week off from playing poker for the most part and it's been good for my head I think. Little down-time and I'm ready to get back in the game again now. Why are squirrels so stupid? Sitting on on the opposite side of the road, I slow down just to make sure it doesn't dart in front of my tires, and the dumb creature does anyway at the last second. I should of smushed the little retard. I'll tell ya, theres's nothing like seeing the ol' Red & Blues flash on right behind ya in the rearview to get the blood pumping while I'm making like Henry, rolling down the mountain, going fast, fast, fast! Got some exciting news but I'm gonna save it till it's official-I so hope it works out...


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