Sunday, May 14, 2006

First I can't log on to Royal Vegas as the CPC3 Regional Final starts. Then I move with JJ, AQ calls and spikes a Q, then with my remaining chips I make a straight on the turn but am outdrawn by a lousy 4 flush, 3 high to add insult to injury. Vatche (self-proclaimed Suck-Out Artist!) disposes of me first in FlopTalk's weekly when he cracks my Aces with a Q2, deuce on the flop and running Qs! $5 1+1 @ FCP. In the 2nd hour, it's raised behind me by a big stack and then called by another in front of me, I move w/44, AK calls, K and 4 on flop! Then suddenly I'm out in 62nd when I call an all-in re-raise w/KQ, knowing my opponent is weak and making a play, and he shows K8s but flops trip 8s!?!

Mathias is AWOL and luckily (thankfully) Theresa was on point and subbed in! She took a loss unfortunately but her play more than made up for the default that might have occurred otherwise. So 1-3 now at the bottom of our division but I'm more than OK about it. Nice big, fat downward slide online-tilted off a total of $250 in the past few days. Do like the 4-man H/U Shootout SNGs though at Full Tilt. got us another new player to the game possibly it sounds like...


At 6:09 AM, Blogger Dave said...

We should start a poll to get vatche crowned FCP suckout king

At 7:24 PM, Blogger theresa113 said...


Thanks for being so nice with all of the words of support and encouragement. I know we can win the rest of our matches... I will leave the rest of the games up to the boys.

Take care and thanks again... see you at the tables!


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