Thursday, May 18, 2006


Tahoe was a good trip for me. Too quick but at least it was profitable. I think I ended up +$300 after paying for the trip. Started off w/$50 on the Blackjack table, played for a while there before heading over to the Craps table, ending up with a few extra dollars from each. Decided to take my $80 to the $2/3 NL HE game and the 2nd hand I'm dealt, T8 in the BB, flop comes TT8. Check, last player to act bets $35, I play my best Hollywood, finally calling. I push the rest of my chips in on the turn like I hit and I not only get doubled up but receive a $90 bonus when the case Ten drops on the board. Funny thing too, Dustin is sitting to my right. Flop an open-ended straight flush draw and push too hard, folded to me, and the dealer shows I would have made it on the turn, raking in another $250 bonus. Oh well. Wheel beats Aces up. Flush is good and I leave +$230 after 2 hours. 4 Card Poker gives me a set of Kings and a flush and I pick up another $200. Lunch at Mott Canyon. Picked up some bargain items from the Adidas outlet. Pay an extra $11 for a wireless connection in my room for the Neg-O. Watch lightning crash over the lake from my hotel window while playing-very intense. DN freaks out as practically simultaneously his JJ gets bounced by an A2 and someone reveals the winner of the Amazing Race in chat. I finish in 23rd when Jester puts my AA all-in pre-flop w/QQ and flops a Q. A later dry session back at the 4 Card Poker table and a try at the casino version of Texas Hold Em puts that earlier $200 win right back into Harvey's coffers. Back to the NL HE game, buy-in for $100. Play a 26s extremely loose (hey, I came to gamble, right?) right off the bat, $75 pot pre-flop w/3 players, flop 578, pre-flop raiser moves all-in, I call figuring a big pair and getting over 2-1 on my money and the board completes 34. AA gets a little more on a K high flop with the nut flush draw. The guy I just tilted (I'd be on tilt probably too after that) with my 26 gives me another good pot on a 7797x board; he had the 9, too bad I had QQ. Then this lady sits down and starts throwing out big bets in the dark, then pushing all the way, only to flip a 23 that made 2 pair on the river, or a T9 that made a straight. I get her both times I play against her though, with big Aces for big pots-she shows me a 46 one of the times! I leave that table after an hour up $370. Piss off $100 at the 3 Card Poker table on our way out, getting nothing better than a pair of deuces the whole time.


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