Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Played some more @ PSO. Started in the Bronze League (up to 10 MTTs) at #4 on the list, bumped up to the Silver League (10-19), #6 @ 83.22% from 12 tourneys. Took 1st in a 5-person Limit 7 Card Stud match. 2nd out of 9 in NL HE. Another 1st in a Limit HE w/18 entrants! Top 3 in every League get Sponsorship Points every month-apparently 500 convert to a $500 live tourney buy-in. Last day to break the top 3 that means. Fun hand: after playing some 4-6's and showing, I type in chat that I've got my favorite hand once more. Someone behind me raises and I call from one of the blinds w/72 actually, flopping Q37 and once again typing 5!5!5! in chat, 2 comes on the turn and I raise, blank on the river and QJ is beat for a nice pot. Not fun hand: I have JJ and move on a pot, JJ calls and so does KQ. Flop undercards but turn a K. Hey, guess what? No more Jacks coming! Playing a freeroll today, 7 of the 10 at my table are stting out. So I'm stealing every single blind I can. But dig this: another player actually checked it all the way down to a player sitting out. And lost. Twice. Hello?!?


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