Saturday, June 03, 2006

Started off good then blew it. Last night, had quads 2X w/JJ (Jer also had quads w/33 and 77-he ended up owning the table pretty much), boss full with/AA, 4 Queens in Jiddy, then ended up -$200. J quads w/33 and 77. My WSOP Seat MTT today, increase my stack by more than 50% then get busted on a T98 flop w/QQ v KK v A9 to put me out early. Doom on me. Did get my schedule for the summer and fall squared away though-12 units in the summer and 17 in the fall.


At 4:28 PM, Blogger astj said...

hay benny...dd3 and 55k on the double flop got ripped on the triple 999 what the fuck are you talking about..we need the AP in the DL with the DCL's. Get your ass in your new truck and come take a dip..we need a few benny back rolls..a+s+t+j


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