Wednesday, May 31, 2006

3 cases of energy drinks, free from Student Life at school. Totally unnecessary but free is free, right? CRV is +EV for me; I don't even drink anymore but 12# of cans from my buddies from the past few weeks is another free $15. Tried to up my rank @ PSO by trapping with flopped trip 5s but another King came on the river of course to stymie my attempt. Missed the A's game today-Daron had free tix, 6 rows back from the A's warm-up mound. Unfortunately stuck at home, trying to hammer out my final assignments for the quarter, which I've of course procrastinated to the very last minute. Went to Casper's for a Chili Cheese Dog anyway. What a great invention-up there with the Bacon Cheeseburger. Which I had one of yesterday at the Elite Grill on campus. Which very soon all of the food vendors at school will be replaced by Aramark. Corporate America-God bless. Negreanu Open in an hour...

Busted out early of the Neg-O this week. That's gonna hurt me in the standings. Bleh. No DN, but Bob put a $54 ticket bounty on his own head and Royal offered a bounty on himself as well.


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