Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Part Deux

(These are the only photos that came out halfway decent as my camera decided to be uncooperative)

Thursday 12N:
A few FCPers are playing today in the $5000 NL HE Short-handed event. Pros are EVERYWHERE. It’s tougher to say who I didn’t see than who I did. Annie Duke and Kristy Gazes to Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Tilly. Evelyn Ng is Amazonian! Was gonna ask to get a photo with her but my face would be like even with her chest. And not like that’s a bad thing but it might make for a goofy picture. Tables of 6-one had Erik Seidel, Mark Seif, and Scott Fischman; another has Men Nguyen, Chris Ferguson, and Mimi Tran. Hellmuth enters in typically late fashion and is seated next to Chan. Gavin Smith and Griffin. Juanda and Huck Seed. Marcel Luske and his upside-down glasses and Phil Gordon. Watch "The Grinder" make some moves. Say hi to Carlos Mortensen and have a quick chat with Sheiky (who told you about this game Shawn?). Tony G. Seidel. Cunningham. Devilfish passing out cards for his online site. The list goes on and on. Met Jennifer Leigh, aka Jennicide. Theresa got Norm MacDonald's autograph: "Don't Do Crack." Check out Ted Forrest and Mike Sexton at a ring game after they exit the event (got to meet him briefly earlier too!). Fidler, the Negreanu Protege, gets busted early unfortunately. Robin, the brother of Sol, a Protege runner-up, gets sandwiched between Howard and Blair Rodman. He eliminates Rodman; earlier watch him raise Howard and Howard thinks for a few before moving all-in and Robin folds (I find out the next day that later in the day his AA eliminated Howard’s KK-from Howard). David Williams gets into some unfortunate circumstances as I watch him bully w/A8 on a JJ8 flop and J? calls and even rivers the case J (later, Williams is eliminated w/QQ by AQ when an Ace hits the board). Introduce myself to Rich Belsky of CardPlayer magazine, since he gave me a rep job, and he in turn introduces me to Jeff Shulman. Get caught mouth agape staring at Dolly I'm in such awe of the man.

3PM: PL HE event from the day before continues play; Daniel, Matt Matros, and a friend of Daniel’s from Europe are still in the hunt. Get to briefly talk to DN again before the event re-starts. 3 of the 4 FCPers are still in it, Robin having a particularly good-sized stack, are still playing in the short-handed event. Head back to Binion’s, where a few more FCP crew have arrived with their respective others and are playing downstairs, as are even more already.

6PM: $1/2 NL HE @ Binion’s. Live straddle of $2, I raise $30, SB and BB call, flop 762 w/2 clubs, SB checks, BB bets $30, I move over the top for another $130, SB folds, BB calls w/KQ of clubs, rivers a motherfucking King. Looking at it now, he had a lot of outs-any club, and any King or Queen as well. Still, fuck him. Actually, fuck me, because I’m now stuck pretty damn good.

11PM: I’m going to sleep since I’ve been up since Wednesday around noon. And my event starts at noon tomorrow.


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