Monday, July 03, 2006

Quick post before I have to actually do some homework since I'm gonna throw a 4th of July game tonight. Fucking bubbled (143rd, 130 out of 1000 paid) in a Frenzy tourney-can't really bitch since it only cost a total of $4. Dial For Men soap-it's about time we got our own soap. Seriously though, marketing thinks they are so clever. Well I did buy it after all-but only because it was on sale for 3 bars for a buck. Price slashing-that's the real way to move some goods. Live and online play combined for around 2 thou for the month of June. Only 2 or 3 losing sessions. And the mothafucking jersey baby. One last thing: I love Firecracker popsicles. But sometimes the jokes are so completely retarded that you want to jam the stick into your own eye just to stop the stupidity of it all.


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