Sunday, July 02, 2006

Started off the holiday weekend out on the Delta for some wakeboarding and a sunburn. Tried this snowboard-like board with slip-in bindings that Stuart had but it was way too squirrelly for my uncoordinated ass. Not as crazy-busy as I had anticipated. Julio and Tracy's new puppy is adorable, Disco, a chocolate lab. Game last night had Jiddy taking half the pot and Joey and I splitting the other half. Brian managed to not go totally broke with ACES FULL against Jiddy's JJJJ-man, I would have gone broke twice on that hand! Theresa played a great H/U match against Gary2121 today which unfortunately ended in a loss but she played really well I thought. She took an early lead but then a flush made her the shorty but she battled back twice before a another flush undid her straight. So the Riders are 5-6. Playing in the FCP Newsletter Freeroll, 1st place pays $150 out of 162 entrants. Somehow still in it, making key suckouts. 4s v 6s, snag a 4. KJ v 66 against same player, flop J6x, I get running JK!?! AQ has AJ dominated on an Ace-rag-rag flop. T2s in the SB flops 2Q2 and gets AK to commit to the flop. Re-raise all-in from the BB w/AQ and the second the original raiser re-raises all-in as well I know I am beat already by AK but I score a Q on the turn!!!


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