Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

A3 on the button in a $10 MTT, 549 flop, have to call the pre-flop and flop bet 'cause I'm priced in for a great pot. 2 on the turn gives me the wheel, 1 player ahead of me moves all-in, know I have by far the best hand right now, called by another player in front of me, I re-raise all-in, called again, river a motherfucking 3 to kill my hand by giving the asshole who called all the way on an inside straight draw his nut straight-WTF?!? On to a $10 SNG. I raise and get lucky, spiking trips on the flop, then the board pairs again for a higher full house on the turn. Not so lucky. Flop an up-and-down, turn a flush draw, river Broadway. And a $5 1+1 Re-buy. KQ, flop K57 in the SNG, once again check-raised by the little 2 pair. Fuck, it's either that or the Aces killing me. Last 200 chips flop 2 pair but up against made nut flush. AJ is dominated by AK then apparently can't beat KQ either so it's re-buy time on my other table. Chips are flying around-that's the draw of re-buys, catching a couple big winners early on. Watch AK v TT v KJ v A8s all-in pre-flop, KJ9, 9, T. 88 v TT v 33, I fold 22, 3 flop, wasn't there a 66 in there too? Watch 22 suck out a 2 on the river to crack Aces. Micro-mayhem. All-in w/AK, called by ? and AQ, A on both turn and river to triple up! Then I pull a classic Ben move-piss off a big chunk of chips right before the break then compund the problem by spacing the add-on. Hey, I'm always up for a good challenge. Dumbass. Wrong move, right time works as my play gets called by A9, my ugly K9 hitting one of its 3 outs and becoming beautiful, doubling me up. Then I move w/99, AQ calls, Ax9 flop, doubles me again. Get in cheap late and make Aces up for a good 'un. Double up big-time when AJ calls my AQ and we both score trips but my kicker has the edge! 14720, 33rd out of 61 @ the 2nd break. Out in 46th when my KQ can't outrun 88. Damn-only 6 more to the money. Guess I ought to go do my homework anyways.

My buddy was just asking me about real money poker sites and besides FCP, I still have an account at UB for the CardPlayer freerolls (wish FCP had an UltimateBuddy program-and when the hell are they gonna start their referral program?) and that's it. I like the Bounty Tournament at Doyle's and the DeepStacks at PokerStars (real iron-ass poker!) but the fields at Stars are just so vast.

So Dean is now at FCP too, as HottChef0, and he is battling Ryan heads-up right now (and it is a battle indeed) in our weekly game. Got Vatche and Weakdraw in on it too. I blew out 1st (of course) when my AJ was dominated by Ryan's AQ. Then I watched Dean call all his chips off with an Ace high and spike an Ace the very next card on Vatche's pocket 6s. Then he called Vatche's all-in with a K7, dominating Vatche's Q7, as well as nailing a King on the flop. He then knocked out Linux's AT with his KT, pairing his King again. Then he eliminated Weakdraw with a pair of Queens. Blew out of a $10 1+1 re-buy with A5 v 44 on a A34 flop. Poor Vatche, been watching him take some mighty blows lately-this tourney again he disappeared suddenly after building a solid stack. In the $20 1+1 $20K Guaranteed right now as well, hanging on and trying to find a hand as we are down over half the field. Was doing fine up to the 1st break, started building a nice little stack but the 2nd hour has given me zilch, taking me back down until I move w/22 and am called by the original raiser w/96s?!? Flops flush draw but that's it, even get a 2 on the river, double up, phew. My KK beats AQ and I just might make it to the money... Been in this tourney for 4 hours now. 885 entrants, I finish in 45th when I move w/A8, called by A5, makes a wheel on the river. Top 5% of the field, not too shabby. OK, homework time for real now...


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