Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stuck online

Can't manage to put together a live game tonight. Take 2nd in a $20 SNG. Midnight Oil almost sees my royal donkness out extremely early then I manage to double up with a K6s v AT when a K hits the flop then again with a 56 on a 447 flop, I move from the BB and the SB quickly calls w/Q4, turn 3, river A. Back to Square One. 69 in the BB, flop 477, I check, position bets, I check-raise, representing a 7, position re-raises, I call bluff and push all-in, position folds. But then I run into AQ w/my AJ and I'm out in 153rd. I swear I will make the final table of a Midnight Oil one of these days because so far I just can't get anywhere in them. Well, so far I've made back a quarter of what I lost the other night at the Grand. Try a $10 1+1 Re-buy. Pick up runner-runner trips w/an A8. 99 in a raised multi-way pot, flop 578, move all-in ahead of pre-flop raiser, calls w/K6, blankety-blank. KK twice early on; once flop Axx, all spades, I hold nut flush draw, comfortable moving on that board. See Vatche is up to like 18 thou then look again and he's gone completely?!? AK gets busted by an AJ or something-ugh. Down to 11, blinds at 1000-2000, I get AQ, 22 raises to 5000, I re-raise all-in for another 25000 or so, calls, 2s hold and I'm on the bubble, down to around 10K. Guess he really trapped me, huh? Douchebag. KK twice again then; 2nd time I limp UTG and JJ moves, is called by AK, I call as well. JJ v KQ stands too and I'm up to 100K. KJ flops KJ9, turn T, river K, 114K. River the ass-end of the straight w/the 9 but can't see the Ace for no raise H/U pre-flop so I call. Out in 4th as I flop top pair w/KJ on a 6J9 board but the BB check-raises me w/69 and I get no more help. It's still another $200 towards my blow-out at the Grand so I'm now only down a buck from that debacle.

End up playing a couple freeze-outs w/all the Pulleys late-night: Josh, Jer, and Joey. While playing the 10 dollar re-buy tourney online. 1st time around I make it down to heads-up w/Jer and get it all-in w/QQJ4 v QQA4, he rivers a goddamn wheel. 2nd time I blow out in 4th as my JJ44 loses to both Josh's and Jer's AA. Fucking brothers.


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