Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kid Poker in the Neg-O tonight!

It's raining cats and dogs. A well-known metaphor as we discussed in my poetry class yesterday, although personally I prefer "pissing buckets" but whatever, it's wet out, no arguments there. Play the Stage 1 ONPC ticket I won through an earlier Sub Qualifier SNG for a buck but bust out early then try my luck at a $5 MTT while waiting for the Neg-O and make an ill-timed move to bust out in the middle of the field unnecessarily. 117th out of 139 this week after I raise w/AK and get called all-in by QQ. I know it's not a calling hand but I did it anways like the donkey I am. What a disgusting follow-up to last week's performance. At least I found out today that Life of Sports doubled the payouts so I got another $300 making it over $1500 on Saturday! Maybe I can buy a new chair for my desk after all...

I made the executive decision to add Chris, aka acesfull3333, to complete our H/U team.


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