Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I was just thinking about this post on the FCP forum about all the new players in the game, seeking their fame and fortunes through the explosion in poker. Now that it's so big, everyone and their mother (and father and sister and son) is a self-proclaimed expert. Now I've only been playing semi-seriously for a couple years now but I have immersed myself in the subject. I fell in love with the game and now it is my current passion. I'm not claiming to be a world champion and I'm not relying on winning millions either as nice as it may sound. But I thoroughly enjoy the competition and skill associated with the game and I have done alright for myself over time, always learning and evolving. And that is the beauty of the sport, anyone can have a go at the Big Dance. Hey, look at Moneymaker, or Varkonyi. If a player can suck a 2-outer off the river, anybody can have a chance at a bracelet. Not to sound too cliche, but it's not so much about winning in that sense, it's more about believing in one's self and making the attempt and putting in the effort I believe. My goal is not to turn pro but to have a go at the World Series someday so I can say I tried when I look back at my life and recount my personal achievements

On the lighter side of things, I asked my mother to send me this old POW/MIA flag that was in my closet and it just came in the mail today. An old friend and I stole it off a church (yeah, we were shit-faced and young) flagpole in Utica, NY (or was it Ithaca?) when I tagged along on a college visit trip. Man, the things you do as stupid kids. Which brings me back to my original point: WWCND? Viva La Norris!


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