Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh Glorious Day!

14 hours of poker for a GRAND total of $1250!!! My best day ever on the tables to date! 8 hours of NL $1/2 Dealer's Choice at the house, going as low as -$200 at one point but ending +$170. Checkpoint Charlie's-Home of the Loose Call. Hold Em, Omaha, Super HE, Crazy Pineapple, 7 Card, Razz, Billabong, Alabama HE, Jiddy (5 Card Draw, 10s wild)-you name it, we played it-No Peek and Indian even made an appearance. It's all a blur of craziness now but here's what I remember... One of the first few hands of the evening, looking down to find Aces in the hole and just raising the minimum on the button and Ben, a hyper-aggressive player, immediately pushing over the top. His A9 was not a happy camper needless to say. Even more satisfying was showing him my bluffs as I took his pots as he is usually so fond of attempting to do the same to others. Calling out 79 as "the hand" as we watch it make straights 4 or 5 times early in the game then later calling a pre-flop raise with it only because of a gut feeling and actually making the nut straight on the hand. Throwing away quads because Jeremy "talked" me into believing he had the Ace kicker (in wild card Omaha!). Reading his hand better than he did in Billabong when I believed he held the nut flush on the flop and I only had the 2nd nut flush draw of a different suit (he was focused on his set of Kings and I would have hit my flush on the turn but I was so right!). Barked at the moon (but flopped an Ace and had to fold). Taking down a monster pot towards the end of the night betting on the come in Omaha with a nut straight draw vs a set on the flop and spiking it on the turn and the board not pairing, thank Christ! "Talking" Joey into dropping the 2nd nut straight on the river to my even lower straight somehow. About $800 splashed around between 8 clowns equals a ton of mayhem on my table, in many nutty hands not even mentioned. Such a change in my style from all the tourney play online. Good thing gambling runs rampant in my Asian blood:-)
$20,000 Guaranteed, 1+1 Re-buy: Donked off my chipstack stupidly death-gripping the straight-maker from last night as my opponent had flopped 2 pair to my 1 but make an amazing comeback from 175 chips to 2390 @ the break (and the add-on!): K8 v QJ, Kxx8x; unchallenged QQ; trap 55 w/AA; AK runs through KQ then another one blasts an AQ! Cold-call a re-raise w/AQ and we see a KTx flop 3-ways and it is checked to me so I pull the trigger and catapult myself to over 6K in chips. 47 in BB, flop J54, shoot a min. bet to see where I'm at and get raised back the minimum, call and turn trips, check-raise JT all-in, 12K! 78 out of 205 @ break #2 w/11,120. Run into a pair of Kings and then cold cards until I get committed enough to a pot w/ATs but can't pair to beat 99 and out in 122nd.


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