Monday, April 17, 2006

FCHUPL Schedule Released

The schedule was released today ( We are in the Hearts Conference in the Stu Ungar Division, along with Negreanu's Cheap Thieves, the Cigar Lovers, and Broccoli(?!?). Through process of random selection, Theresa will be playing for us as the home team this Sunday against the Cigar Lovers. Scott has Week 2 vs the Thieves as the Monday Night Match-Up. I play Week 3 vs Team Canada. Chris and Mathias follow. Serious smack-talk has commenced in the Forums (I may have already verbally cashed a check that my ass can't pay DN-but it was well worth it). Started off practicing with some micro-level heads-up SNGs. 1-1 so far. Try some more tonight after I get some homework done and watch 24.

Now at 3-3. Beat WLAces, the Canadian student who got to take on DN in a $500 H/U SNG tonight, when he sits down before my teammate. Then I proceed to lose 2 out of 3 matches with Scott.


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