Saturday, May 13, 2006

Boats keepin' me afloat. 10K in $10 PLO MTT w/37 entrants. Tourney leader till a river J screws me out of the lead in a big pot. Aces in the hole take down a monster pot and eliminate the 1st at the final table. Kings in the hole slam into a set that becomes quads. Get heads-up and I go from about to knock my opponent out to him doubling up through me like 3X when he fills on the river over my made hands each time. Take it down for +$137 and my 1st Full Tilt win and my 1st ever PLO MTT win (only other PLO win I think was a 6-man SNG). Don't do so hot in the CP freeroll as I have 4 tables running simultaneously-PLO MTT, 2 NL HE MTTs and a HORSE MTT. A little confusing at times for sure. My first ever Limit HORSE MTT for $5: HE (bad-way down), Omaha H/L (boat-back up), Razz (big bump), 7 Card (up a little more), and 7 Card H/L. 9s get no help twice and my KQ makes top 2 but he has the trips then my top pair hits a turned straight all in the next round of HE. Get finished off in Razz when every hand I have to bring it in and then fold my great 7 Card starters, busting out 2 before the bubble-18th of 96. $26 NL HE MTT w/$85oo Guaranteed, double stack-KK, get it all-in on the flop v QQ and a goddamn Q hits the turn. Get some back but can't get anywhere else till a KT busts my KJ on a KTx flop. Good, I can finally get to sleep... at NOON...


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