Saturday, May 13, 2006

Decided to finally open a real money account @ Full Tilt. People say they have a great tourney structure over there so I'll give it a shot. I see they have something called "Double Stack" matches. Plus a bonus equal to my 1st deposit. I just couldn't stand the childish feel to the site with the goofy avatars when I tried it for free way back when. 23rd, 5 off the bubble in my 1st MTT for $5, not a bad entrance (of course, a payout would have been ideal). A5 runs into AT on a A23 flop in another, and QQ slams into AA in a third. Been checking out these online "poker schools." and Todd Arnold's. About $20/month for "coaching." So it looks like it's gonna be Daron, Colin, B-Mo & I will be piling in the Jeep and heading up the hill to Harveys. Just went through my stats: Cash games +$730, Tournaments +$2400, for a total of +$3130 for a little less than 4 months, equaling roughly +$800 extra/month. Is that good or bad, playing the relatively low limits I do, and playing all the time? It's not a whole lot of winnings but it's also not losing, right? CardPlayer's freeroll is this morning @ 11, $1500 from CP and an additional $1500 in TCs from Bodog. Sunday evening I have the College Poker Championship Regional Final for the West, the Finals paying out $135K in prizes!
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