Saturday, May 13, 2006

$20 PL HE MTT w/96 @ Full Tilt. AA almost gets snapped on 567 board by 56 but turn is a 7. Then I piss it off on a double belly buster. Call min. raise pre-flop w/44, flop 235, re-raise min., turn 4, check, river 2, bet my house. Try to maintain this time. KK puts AA all-in, great, so much for that. A3 flops A39, turn 9 and kills me to A8. KJ is dominated by AJ and 42nd is it. Oh well, I probably wouldn't have signed up if I had noticed beforehand that it was PL but that's just an excuse in hindsight. At least I've got an icy cold can of Hawaiian Punch.

One More Saturday Night @ C.C.'s...


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