Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Playing the Neg-O in 90 degree heat-ugh. Bounty on Bob and FidPoker but no Daniel. 1st hand find QQ but an Ace on the flop. Push with 77 and make a boat vs AK to double up early. AJ wins one then loses one. 99 would've made another boat but I knew I was beat on the flop. Flop Aces up to eliminate another Ace. Up to 4K so it's looks like I'm gonna pass on our last softball game of the season. OMG, is it hot. Final hour double up w/88 through KTs. Looks like I will lock in a Top 10 finish for this session with one more game to go; a FT tonight might even put me at #1 going into the last week! Made some key laydowns (99, 77) pre-flop where a year ago I probably would have called all my chips off on those medium-strength hands.


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