Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stopped into Kelly's when I was in the area and it was pretty dead. It was a Monday afternoon but still it was sort of sad-looking. But of course there was one $3/6 table going with an empty seat so of course I took it. Even though $3/6 is a sucker's game and I told myself I won't play it anymore. Started off by making the runner-runner nut flush. Then I got run down for $100 to a bunch of crap by a bunch of bums. Like the $30 NL HE MTT @ FCP I just got bumped from in the first 5 hands. AQ, call UTG, button raises to 5X the BB, 3 other callers, flop Q-rag-rag, w/2 diamonds. I bet about half the pot with top pair, top kicker, raised behind me, 1 caller in front of me, I push over the top, re-raiser folds, BB calls, shows flush draw with baby cards AND HITS ON THE RIVER. Remember, this was 5 hands into the tournament. New X-Men movie wasn't quite as good as all the hype. Dr. Crane as Hank McCoy was cool but what a lack of character development for Archangel!? The Juggernaut's catch-phrase was worth it all. Stayed through all the credits at the end so the producers could leave it open for a sequel-lame. New Superman looks pretty good. Squeezed into the top 30 of the Neg-O last night even though I was at my roommate's sister's graduation, keeping me in the #4 slot of the leaderboard. Way to go Alicia! Wonder how the Trombone fared...


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