Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back Home

Back on FCP last night, getting royally fuct. Enter the Oil and get a great stack w/AA v AK right off the bat and pump it up to over 7K then flop top pair w/top kicker as well as the nut flush draw but the wrap draw spikes a higher pair on the turn and my draw bricks. Get into a big pot and get folded due to a lag in the software. One more hand to play and I'm out just like that. Get no love in a ring game either, as I river 2nd nut straight, nut straight hits with same card in the pot. AKs v QQ, flop 4-flush but brick out. Another MTT snaps my 88 with a Q on the river vs 2 KQs. Back on the downswing. Goddammit.

Tonight had a game at the house, made back a couple hundy. AA picks up a nice 3-way pot towards the end of the session. AT at the very end snaps Jiddy's KK-wooHOO! Got very lucky though. Moran takes an early beating from his favorite game. Mateen busts out in like 15 minutes, seriously, slow down son for godssakes. His buddy didn't make it too much longer. Colin's QQ gets snapped by Todd's 68s when he rivers a flush. Todd then gets busted by Eli's Wheel on the turn over his flopped 1 pair w/AK. Marty Bacardi joins the game after a long absence from the table. Colin's KK gets cracked when Eli flops quad snowmen and rope-a-dopes Jiddy, who leads pretty hard on the flop and turn, until Eli pushes all-in and busts Jiddy's ill-timed ploy. Felt like I was back in Vegas when once again Colin dared Jiddy to shotgun 4 beers in 5 minutes. After 3, he sprayed beer all over my ceiling when he couldn't keep it all down, like the fountains at Bellagio. After 4 he sprayed my floor, continuing outside. Attaboy, you're good for the entertainment Da Vinci you assclown.

I'll try to post Day Three (my event) from Vegas tomorrow evening-'cause it's Boston @ Oaktown at noon...


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