Saturday, July 29, 2006

Flopped Broadway in a MTT @ FCP in late position w/JT, checked to me, I bet, called by both blinds, turn 6, making a flush draw for the river, checked to me again, I bet again, SB re-raises all-in, I fold. I FOLD?!? WTF?!? The drawbacks of online poker. I was steamed because it's happened a few other times since I've been back, in big pots at important times. But Bob is the best, and that's why I love FCP-he credited me $40 in real money and $50 in bonus. That's the kind of personalized care from FCP that I bragged about in Vegas-any other site would simply say, "Sorry." Thanks Bob and thanks FCP.

The 2006 WSOP Main Event began today. Over 8,000 players. and Norm MacDonald was chip leader for a brief moment. Joe Sebok dressed as Robin due to a losing bet. Jennicide is out on Queens, after a late start. Action Dan got busted by Mike Sexton's re-draw. 88 vs 55, flop 55, 88 catches perfect cards to river a straight flush-OMFG. Clonie Gowen out. Tobey Maguire is out already, as is James Garner. The first player to bust was 7 minutes. How the fuck do you blow through 10,000 chips in 7 goddamn minutes?!? And how lame is this new "all-in" button?

Watched Sarah Silverman's "Jesus Is Magic." If she isn't the most outrageous, irreverent, cutest little thing in the whole wide world, I don't know what is. Please marry me so I can tell my Grandma I met a nice Jewish girl. Totally offensive but absofuckinglutely hysterical.


At 5:25 PM, Blogger AKATabasco said...

I know plenty of ways to blow through 10,000 in chips in 7 minutes....

What I want to know is, why'd you fold the nuts? Expecting the flush to be made?
(I Bleed Sooner Red on FCP by the way..)


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