Thursday, July 27, 2006

More LV

Sunday 1AM: Back to Binion's for a private FCP "Army" game, 3 tables for us; the staff of Binion's really went out of their way to accomodate us. 1 big table of $2/4 HE, 2 smaller $2/4 mixed game tables. Somehow shots of Jack Daniels start coming around, and quite frequently as well (I guess me asking for them every 4 minutes might have had something to do with it also). The two hands I remember were turning a boat and a friend picking up a straight flush on the river to scoop the pot, then right after that he turned quads (another friend would have made the boss full w/KK, luckily he abandoned ship beforehand). We had a super-fun table-those who were there, I had a blast. I went down, came back up, went down again, then got some back from this wanna-be thug from Jersey that sat in with us later, drunk as hell also. I don't remember exactly 'cause I was drunk, but verbal conflict began between the two of us, he wanted to arm-wrestle, then go outside and fight, of course I wasn't being helpful I'm sure since I'm a natural smart-ass but eventually we got back to business playing some short-handed $1/1 NL HE and his chips started sliding my way. Now one big reason why I don't drink alcohol anymore that much these days is because I get stupid and boisterous as you all know. And I love to scrap. This situation could have escalated but at least I have the sense not to start a fight in a casino-that's just pure stupidity. I'd rather fleece him on the felt which is what I started doing until he once again wanted to get physical. Michael had sat down with us, he started in on him, and at one point they both stood up, and my chair flew backwards instantly, and they broke the game. Binion's was totally cool with our crew; they didn't realize numb-nuts wasn't with us, and like I said, they were great about it all. So we headed over to a craps table, which was ice-cold, them moved to a blackjack table. Five of us proceeded to have a blast until I decided 8:30AM was my cut-off point; I was faded.

2PM: Last day in town. Head down to the Strip to meet up with some friends who are doing the whole "tourist" thing. Start off at the Monte Carlo, then over to Coke World and M&M World. MGM and the lions. New York New York for a winning blackjack sesh. Bellagio for the fountain show (a guy trying to take a photo of his fam falls into the bushes backing up for the shot!)and check out where "The Big Game" goes down-Deeb is eating in there, see Chau Giang as well, and apparently/unfortunately I missed Gus. In-N-Out for those who haven't yet had the pleasure, Animal Style all the way. Back downtown, sign up for the 2AM NL HE tourney @ Binion's...


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