Monday, August 21, 2006

Donked out after Daniel in the Neg-O SNG; my JJ was re-raised and I knew I was beat but I got it in there anyways. Bleh, no Negreanu, whatever. The Cuke ended up taking it down (There ya go Dave).

Poker has been kicking my ass as of late. Getting fuct repeatedly-getting it all to the center with the best of it but getting murdered on the goddamn river. Gotten AA snapped at least 3 times alone in the past 2 days DEEP in tournies online. Opponents hitting ridiculous 2-outers and such. Unfuckingbelievable. Just now I flopped 2 pair and moved on a pot and got called by top pair-who of course hit his card right after. It's been like that again and again and again. Help me Tom Cruise.

Comment of the Week: "You don't look at the top man, you look at the sides." Joey Pulley, when asked why the paint on the hood and roof of his car were all messed up while the sides were pristine. Yeah, if you're trying to pick up Oompa Loompas you idiot.

Poker face paid off in spades tonight when I got pulled over for driving a little too fast with no license plate light and had to answer a few questions asked me by Johnny Law. Could have been really bad for me let's just say. Really bad. Thank you sir, I will accept your verbal warning and drive straight home under the speed limit and change my underwear at once. And God bless the great state of California.

Picked up a new phone and service from Verizon. Only problem is the reception here at my house is less than desirable. Motorola Q is pretty fucking sexy though. Full color screen, runs Windows Mobile 5.0, digital video camera, voice recognition (which works like a retarded Chinaman), Bluetooth, etc, etc, probably a ton of other shit I haven't even figured out yet. Was surfing the Web and watching cable TV while driving down the freeway. Not very safe and I really don't understand how they can call it a "smartphone."

EDIT: Shortly after, AQ v TT, get it all in on an A flop, what do you think comes on the river?


Doom on me.


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