Sunday, July 30, 2006

Riders Finish 7-8

I took down our team's last match of the regular season in 10 minutes. I was very disappointed to say the least that DN wasn't playing. But I guess the ME is a pretty legitimate excuse. I took an early 2-1 chip lead then it boiled down to this: Waffles raises pre-flop w/77, I call w/K6 of spades, flop 7 and 2 spades, I check, Waffles bets, I check-raise (also have inside straight draw), Waffles re-raises, I move over the top, turn spade, river brick. So I finished with a 2-1 personal record.

Full Tilt Deep Stack this morning: KK, flop top set, river card is flush card, good-phew! AA, snapped by 22 when a 2 flops. 77, push pre-flop, nail in the coffin when a 7 hits the river vs AQ. QQ all-in before the flop, AK calls, flop A, river A. What a fun game poker is.


At 1:09 PM, Blogger theresa113 said...

You rock!


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