Friday, September 01, 2006

Seven Deuce SOOTED and Pocket Rockets

Sometimes poker treats you well. Sat down and within 10 minutes I came up 180 BB. OK, it was a quarter-fifty cent NL table online. I stuck around for over another hour though. Left intact too.

One of the first few hands I limped with 72 of diamonds and it was raised behind me but I was getting 3-1 to call on my money so I did. Flopped 2 diamonds and I led. Yes, I'm being honest here, once in while I like to get a little loose with this hand. Because if it hits, nobody'll ever see it coming. I might be in trouble against higher diamonds but I'll find out. Spike my flush on the turn and I bet again, but not too much. No 4th diamond on the river so when my opponent bets, I slam the pot. He goes into the tank then mucks, I show my hand, to which the chat box pops up with "You played that shit for a raise?" I am silent. Very next hand I look down at AA and I raise. It gets re-raised behind me so I re-raise. Call. Flop QJx and I want to see how my opponent plays it, with every intention of moving if there is a bet. There is. I do. Called by Q6 offsuit. Turn A. Thank you. Showing that crap helped me get paid on that one boy.

So I've started tracking my play again. The past 10 days put me up a little over $500. I've been killing the cash games but getting eaten up by online tourney play (+$719 ring, -$196 tourneys).


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