Saturday, August 26, 2006

Like I said previously, after Vegas, poker hasn't been treating me too kindly at all. August was a big downswing as a matter of fact; very few wins, scattered around. A good night at the house this week and another solid sesh at FCP (with a bonus cleared!) made for a nice reversal of fortune recently. English final is done with, now just a final project and my History final as well as some loose ends and it's another quarter in the bag. Looking forward to a month off but not the next quarter-17 units, 4 days down in Hayward, ugh. Plans to hit SoCal for a poker tournament in a few weeks. 2 DMB shows and Bonnie Raitt/Keb Mo in Concord. Sci-fi fans, check out Night Watch-Star Wars meets the Matrix in Moscow. And Inside Man was good too. Found a new late-night soul food spot in Oaktown, The Home of Chicken & Waffles. A 1/4 chicken, Southern-style and smothered with gravy and onions and a side of cheese grits and a hot biscuit-mmmmmm good. Another shot at a GWD freeroll this weekend-just outside the money last time.

EDIT: OK, I spoke too soon. Back to bullshit-AA snapped by JTs all-in pre-flop. After an all-in and a call (by me), this guy still calls. Alright, they were SOOTED...


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