Friday, April 21, 2006

$5 1+1 Re-buy. 1st hand, AQ, middle position. Raise, get some callers, flop Q98. Get check-raised deep by a blind so I fold and see an AT?!? from the check-raiser and 2 Queens w/crap kickers!?! Almost go for the re-buy to back my stack then find some Aces in the hole to re-raise pre-flop with, flop top set, check-call and slam the turn. 99 calls and I end up rivering boss full to further seal the deal. Call a raise in position w/33, flop 979, decide to keep going, 9 turn, 3 river, actually a great card as it gives both my opponents flushes, one even Ace high! Another 33 flops a set on AK3 and gets full action from a donkey with an Ace. 25th out of 100 remaining at the first break, add-on puts me @ 8455. Run into Aces w/an AK right after the break; after getting re-raised pre-flop I initially think to fold, then decide to push. Wrong move Big Slick, say adios to half your stack. Proceed to play the pots I enter smashmouth-style, slowly building myself back up. Up to 11K w/yet a third 33 that stands against an AK.

$8 Qualifier for a $54 ticket. Play one suited 72 to the death a year. So here it is. Raise after 1 caller from the middle, 1 of the blinds calls as well. Flop a suited 345, giving me any spade for a flush, any Ace for a wheel, or any 6 for the 2nd nut straight, as I am crediting nobody w/a 67 in the hand or the straight already. But both callers go all-in over my bet anyway. OK, I call. KK, 33. And a spade on the river to triple up!!! Limp early w/AQ, flop AQT, double through the fool who tried to push me out w/A5 when a 6 hits the turn. Run into a wheel right afterwards unfortunately for me. 3rd at the break, 7 left out of the original 35, with 7919 in chips. Got down to 4, which guaranteed me a ticket, so I made a play but my opponent rivered a small pair, which if he hadn't, I am positive he would have folded. Whatever. Got another shot at the Aussie.
Move on an unraised pot from the BB w/77 and run into AA limping on the button in the $5 Re-buy. 7 on the river!!! 7s make another set later on and KK twice cuts down two all-ins to propel me to the final table. 8 left out of 226, 132K after JJ picks up a nice pot on the flop. A bad play then a pair of 8s in the hole that get run down leave me low until my A6s outflops a 55. AT goes all-in and I call w/99, A flop leaves me with less than 2X the BB and I'm out in 6th.

Yet another home game tonight still as well to play...


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