Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tuesday night, the casa, 7 guys, 7 hours, around $700 on the table, half of which I ended up with. Won 3 of the 4 all-ins by Ben for extreme gratification. 2 pair twice (once with the 4s and 6s!), one time he held ATs v my KJs on a suited QTx flop and I couldn't outrun him, then the last time I held Rockets. Felt real good all-around all night-that great rush that comes from that combination of good cards, smart play, and perfect timing. Only made a few mistakes over the course of the night I think, and they were early on. Not trying to brag (as great as a solid winning sesh is), just trying to describe how I felt. Like the concept of flow as proposed by that psychologist Csikszentmihalyi that we discussed in one of my classes last quarter.

Wednesday night. Finally got to play some softball. After 4 weeks of rain-outs. Even then it was only a pick-up game as the opposing team forfeited due to an insufficient roster. Played a few freeze-outs afterwards at the house (even putting a bounty on my head for one of them!) but placed no better than 2nd. Missed the Neg-O and pushed down to 8th. I should be able to play next week since our game doesn't start until 9:30.

Thursday night. Decided to practice some more H/U play but after winning my first one in 3 hands I think it was, I opted instead for a MTT, a $50 qualifier for the upcoming Grand Series of Poker. Haven't been able to get a whole lot of online play in as our internet connection has been real shaky past 2 days for some reason. Donk out of the MTT and return to practice, continuing my downward spiral, with 2 more H/U losses, bringing me down to 4-5.

Changed our rotation to start off with me playing the first match of the season, this Sunday, against the Cigar Lovers. Pole-smoking references have already been made. Taking on the Kielbasy Posse in the middle of the season and DN for our last game. I think others believe us to be underdogs in the league, but I have high hopes. And hopefully a propensity to suck-out on my opponents, preferably on the river for greatest effect.


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