Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wild Card Games Banned!

End up with a pretty big game last night. But bad moves and poor timing equaled a losing start for me. Turn it around with solid play and get back a little extra even towards the end. Until the last hand of the night. Super Hold Em. 3 Card Craziness. Make it even crazier, add a wild card-3s. I am dealt AJJ. Todd has 444. Josh has K3?. Flop KJ3. Turn 4. River J. AJJJJ, naturally, and I still lose a $450 plus pot. 3 people with quads, 2 of them natural. No 5 of a kind allowed so KK33J wins. Fuck me. Fuck wild cards. Down a buck and a half after 4 1/2 hrs.

Woke up this morning for my CardPlayer Rep freeroll. 32 entrants, 16 showed, $500 prize pool, took 3rd when I ran into the cooler at then end. Hopefully that'll net me $75 or so.

Lost yet another H/U match-not looking especially good in the pre-season I have to admit. 4-6 now. Battled for a while then it came down to 2 hands: A5 v A7, the 7 ended up playing when a 6 came on the river instead of chopping, then the very next hand-A6 v 68, 6 on flop, 8 on river. Playing a qualifier for a $108 ticket, 2nd out of 6 left, 4K in chips. Snapped Aces when I miracled my 2nd pair on the river. 7s are still hot-cfinn had 77 v KQ, Q flop, 7 river! Shortly after, my 77 makes 4 of a kind when I flop 766, turn 7! Bust out in 4th when I run into cfinn's KK w/my 33 and get a little less than half my buy-in back. Poop. Bust out 1st of our 4 man SNG when Gil calls my made flush on the flop w/the nut flush draw as well as top pair and spikes another spade on the river.


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