Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Negreanu Open!

The Kid's in! With jayboogie in front of him at the same table! First few hands I am dealt 77 and flop a suited 722, Ace on turn completes opponent's nut flush and I get an early double-up! Decide to slow down w/an AK out of position so I just call a pre-flop raise and flop a King, turn the nut flush draw which I spike on the river. Play another AK slow for top pair along with the pair on the board and top kicker. Take a raised flop w/77 and flop a set vs AKs and the nut flush draw and AA, I boat on the turn. Flop the nut flush w/AJs v KK and AQ on a suited Q high flop and get it all to the center on the flop. Up to over 10K!?!

Apologies to Mathias, whose name I have been adding an extra "t" into every time thus far.

Cards dry up after the break for me but still maintain my chip lead. DN was out in the 1st hour-sure would be nice to just even get to sit with him and have a shot at the bounty. Can't complain today though. Bob, the man behind the Full Contact poker room, jokingly threatened me about the danger of cracking fun at him while I was the tourney leader-very funny in a not-so funny way. Pwned. 7s are super-hot; watch 'em flop sets against AK in preflop all-in hands twice, and say how hot they are, then I get them and flop yet another set v top pair, big kicker (KQ) and Brad lets it go after my all-in re-re-raise. KK very next hand to own a pot pre-flop. 77 again but a horrid flop so I let go but find out my read was right on the turn and it would have in fact been good. Limp w/QQ but get no action on Ace flop. AQs v KK for a monster pot pre-flop, flop JTJ so K would be no good for a straight but I miraculously snag an Ace on the river! 77 again but Ace flop so I drop, two Ace-Queens. 88, 77 very next two hands. Drop the 88 to an all-in pre-flop and call it down with the 7s and they're good. I now stand in 3rd at the 2nd break w/24 left.

My QQ fills up on the river on a 7A7xQ board to get me to 24K. JJ knocks out Vatche when I play an undercard board slow by just calling. Back on top w/36K. AKs knocks out Loogie's A8s. My AQ loses to AK then my AK very next hand gets no action in the BB. AT lets KQ put it all-in on a AKx flop and I'm up to 44K. Final table leader by over 10K. Thought the Power of Seven was over after I watched it lose an all-in pre-flop hand but Jonesing brings it back with a set on the flop at the final table! No action with Rockets. 55 gets rivered by a flush draw for a 10K+ loss-AAAAHHHH! Can't argue with how I played it because obviously I was right, just unlucky. KK gets pulled all-in by KJ for an easy call. 9:12-screw softball. #2 at break #3 with 5 remaining.

Back in the lead with over 70K. OMG I am SO hungry. 4 left. 3. AK misses on a big one then I fold A4 and would have hit. A3 chops 2 pair. Push w/33. Chop another Ace. Can't release QQ on a K flop even though I know I should and 3rd out of 138 for $170 is what I get. Food...


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