Wednesday, May 10, 2006

8 hours later and I'm $200 better off. Played till the sun came up. The Usual Suspects and a newcomer, Dustin. Lots of boats for me. Made some dumb-ass moves as well of course. Like wearing my beer. Make trip Jacks on 4th and get called all-in by Jiddy, he has Aces, I boat on 5th, he picks up an Ace on 7th making him a bigger cruiseship. Does it too me again later in the night when he turns a flush over my flopped set and we both fill up on the river, his being higher once again. Side action on hands has gotten quite popular amongst the cretins at the table. Daron makes a solid play in Indian, raising the Colin's raise (Ace) with an Ace of his own actually. Snap Colin's Aces with Broadway on the turn in Super. Daron called a lot of Split games, which aren't my preference to play but I am enjoying trying to figure out the complexities of the game. Pissed him off with a suited Krablar that flushed and a suited Queen-rag that hit top pair. Paid him back when he straighted and I turned a flush draw with a boat draw. Cheers roomie!


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