Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Millie's in Lafayette. Best breakfast around. Eggs Benny is top-notch. Only other one I can think of that compares is Eggheads in Ft. Bragg (topped with crab meat!). Tossed in an order of homemade corned beef hash and a large OJ and coffee and my morning was off to a solid start.

FCP Re-deposit bonus sucked me back in. $40 in bonus cash and a WSOP freeroll. Like I really needed an excuse. Already slammed me out of a $20 MTT when I ran into the cooler with Queens. Taunt me with a straight draw on the turn. JTs for the rest of my chips against QQ and AK and a flush draw on the flop and straight draw on the turn (barring pairing the board from a Q on the flop) can't help me. 30-man $20 SNG and a $10 1+1 Rebuy before tonight's game here at the casa. 3 pairs of Aces, all of 'em hold! Make a flush, my AK beats AQ, man, everything's starting to run my way for a change. Now if I can just not mess it all up.

Oops. Lost nearly half my stack on a poorly-timed play in the SNG but still at about 4K. About the same in the MTT, AJ beats out A7s on an AKx flop and then 88 cuts through A2s despite a flush draw scare and I'm up to 9K, without having to rebuy. Over 10K when I slam a massive re-raise and take down a nice pot pre-flop w/KK. Make another ill-timed play w/TT moments before the break and find myself drawing to 2 cards I think, of which I don't get either and I'm out of the SNG in 12th. Lose a bit w/a pair of 6s (I always get involved with a hand right before the break it seems) and I'm in 7th before I take the addon and I'm back to a tad over 10K again. This is the stage of MTTs where I usually fall apart; this time I'm intent on holding it together till the final table, because I sure could use a nice payout. AKs gets a horrible flop on a big pot but it is checked down and I actually win. Felt I should dump an AJ pre-flop to a big re-raise behind me, nothing else worthwhile and I'm bleeding as I always do at this point. Down to 18th out of the remaining 33. AQ and another useless flop. 23rd of 30. 6s again get no help. 3700 in chips and blinds are 300/600. T6 in the BB turns 2 pair and I'm back up to 8K. Out in 23rd w/AJ v 77.


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