Monday, May 08, 2006

Tried a little more online during the day but got nowhere. Finally Hit the Grand after midnight and stayed till a little after 6 when the $6/12 table broke up. Up and down. Start at $3/6. 2nd hand in turn the Wheel. Double my $100 buy-in but then lose some when my AA gets snapped by a 92 that boats in the BB and then get moved to another table that ends up short as well so I move up to the $6/12 after finishing the lower limit game +$30. Buy-in for $210 and early into this game I flop the nut straight in a capped pot and push the whole way but get rivered by a boat in a $600+ pot. One can lose $100 on a hand in the blink of an eye in this game in a capped pot. Buy-in for another $120. KK gets snapped by 2 pair on the river. Almost out again until my 57 flops 2 pair in a capped pot and holds. And the only reason I played the hand was because I had to pay $6 for my missed blinds and I was in late position. Baby flush draw on flop, open-ended straight draw on turn, sitting on the button so I call all the raises and a big pot gets sent to me when I complete my flush. Finish at -$62 for the morning.


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