Saturday, May 06, 2006

Up $150 after 6 hours. Blackjack gave me a good bump somewhat early in the game-push on a bet of $12 and double my bet to $24, dealt 66 against dealer's 2 showing, split so I have $48 out there, 1st 6 gets a 5 so I double that one and now have $72 out there, 2nd 6 gets a 3 so I add my last $4, Ten on my 11 and an Ace on my 9! Not a good night for B-Mo. But my luck runs out and I find myself down to even before getting a late night boost. 1st time ever being dealt AAKK in Omaha (and it actually doesn't get run down because I push hard with it on a fairly decent flop for it). River Broadway for the nuts against KK and JJ (who made a set) for a monster pot in Double Flop Omaha (?!) after flopping Aces up on one side and 9 outs for a straight on the other. Get lucky again in No-Peek. Perkins' luck continues to hold though as he posts another big win.


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