Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My favorite day!

Negreanu Open today! And Daniel is playing! Looks like it's gonna be a big one, what with the exposure of the whole Protege promo just happening and all. Lemme tell ya, I sure do love playing oker! Noticed my hat was missing something yesterday-frickin' hysterical! Had a big game last night here, 10 players at one point! Went to Yardbirds and bought a hanging fluorescent shop light and hung it from the ceiling over the table before the game. Had to rebuy like 3 hands into the game when the very 1st hand of the night, I held a set of 5s on the flop to Daron's set of Jacks then committed myself to a pot w/JJ in the hole but Daron once again had me dominated w/AA, both times in Omaha. Went down deep then towards the end of the game I rebounded big-time, coming up about $100 in the end. It all turned around for me during a wild game of 7 Card No-Peek that I ended up winning a huge pot on. I then sacked another monster with quads-flop AQT, check, Perk checks behind me, turn Q, I bet $4 w/my trip Qs (into a $4 pot), Perk raises like $30 (w/an Ace he said), I re-raise him all-in for another $100 or so I think it was, obviously representing holding the Queen, but he called anyway, surprising me-but a good surprise nonetheless as the river brought the case Q. Very next hand, Daron got 4 deuces w/22 in the hole. After scooping those two big pots, it was all pretty much smooth sailing for a change-taking pot after pot, making pairs, sets, flushes, hitting something almost every hand and just keeping the pressure on-for what was left of the game, as we finally ended the session around 6AM. Suckout of the Night: A $400 pot pre-flop pot-Perk raises $5 with his baby cards, Daron re-raises another $20, Perkins moves, Daron calls, Daron shows AAKJ, Perk shows 3467, flop 337. OMFG. Reminiscent of a late-night all-in pre-flop pot for around $600 in the first year here, playing $10/20 NL HE, Ben pushes all-in w/23, Brian calls w/JJ, Ben rivers a Wheel. I got to suck a big one out against Ben when he had me dominated w/A9 to my A5 but the board showed AT7K7. Holy crap, 178 registered for the Neg-O, and rising still!

214 entrants, wow. Negreanu bounty. Big points today, big payouts, even $50 extra for each finalist tonight in honor of FCP reaching 1,000,000 posts. Got Lois, a Protege finalist at my table to start. Start off poorly when my top pair runs into a straight that I can't put my opponent on. Get a chunk back with a set of deuces on the flop then JT puts me back to even. Out in 160th when my AA runs into a T high flop vs TT. Motherfuckingsonafagoddamnstinkingwhoreslutbitch! BROCCOLI!

The Rusty Trombone is now 2-1, thanks to another forfeit by the opposing team, so we just had another pick-up game. Lamest season ever. Forgot to not slide in the dirt in shorts and now my knee won't cease bleeding. Down to 4 in the Neg-O, jawa_lives, the player who sucked out on me is still in it so he owes me his thanks for starting his ascent. And jayboogie, who knocked out DN as well as a pair of Aces in a huge all-in multi-way pot with an OFFSUIT SEVEN-DEUCE.


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