Monday, May 01, 2006


Added $50 to my UB account since Jiddy was playing there tonight. He is now set for online gaming-dear God. Man, sometimes the donks kill me, sucking out on me, ie JJ raise pre-flop, called by KQ, flop all rags, move on the pot, KQ calls off all their chips on overs and hits of course. Other times the donks pass their chips over like the good donks they are, ie same guy calls my pre-flop raise, I flop top set w/QQ, he puts me all-in w/AK, thanks pal. Sweet revenge. Very next hand I have 88, flop 876, I give the pot a little nudge to help it grow, and to see where I am, turn 6, full 3-way action from 67 and 9T (I just flat-call everything as my opponents put me all-in) tripling me up to 15K in chips! And I was thinking how I might have to get rid of my hand if the board didn't pair for me because of the goddamn straight possibility. 2nd at the break...

Hand #31492387-49 at Tue2amA-003 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
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Started at 02/May/06 02:43:13
evilburt is at seat 0 with 1625.
artofthedrago is at seat 1 with 7480.
Taurusranger is at seat 2 with 0 (sitting out).
Magicast is at seat 3 with 3740.
H_Fel is at seat 4 with 3715.
El Card Shark is at seat 5 with 1325.
Hedonist X is at seat 6 with 2765.
MrTBig is at seat 7 with 900.
Lex29 is at seat 8 with 1900.
bransan is at seat 9 with 1145.
The button is at seat 4.

El Card Shark posts the small blind of 20.
Hedonist X posts the big blind of 40.

MrTBig calls. Lex29 calls. bransan folds.
evilburt folds. artofthedrago calls. Magicast
calls. H_Fel calls. El Card Shark folds. Hedonist
X checks.

Flop (board: 7d 6d 8h):
Hedonist X checks. MrTBig checks. Lex29 bets 40.
artofthedrago raises to 80. Magicast re-raises to
120. H_Fel calls. Hedonist X folds. MrTBig folds.
Lex29 calls. artofthedrago calls.

Turn (board: 7d 6d 8h 6h):
Lex29 bets 40. artofthedrago calls. Magicast raises
to 300. H_Fel re-raises to 560. Lex29 calls.
artofthedrago calls. Magicast goes all-in for 3580.
H_Fel goes all-in for 3555. Lex29 folds.
artofthedrago calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:
artofthedrago shows 8s 8d.
Magicast shows Ts 9s.
H_Fel shows 6s 7c.

River (board: 7d 6d 8h 6h 4h):
(no action in this round)

artofthedrago has 8s 8d 6d 8h 6h: full house, eights full of sixes.
Magicast has Ts 9s 7d 6d 8h: straight, ten high.
H_Fel has 6s 7c 7d 6d 6h: full house, sixes full of sevens.

Hand #31492387-49 Summary:
No rake is taken for this hand.
artofthedrago wins the main pot 11965 with full house, eights full of sixes.
artofthedrago wins the side pot 50 with full house, eights full of sixes.


AK, flop AT8, big bets pre-flop and all through the hand, river 8, opponent who called all the way shows 38s. Lose around a third of my stack. The donks are at it again. Trip Queens w/the Varkonyi gets me back some. QQ gets a bad flop so I release it. Suck out a flush on a set and the river doesn't pair and I'm up to 17K. Flop trips w/a trash hand and can't get any action. Fold AKs pre-flop, would've flopped the nut flush vs AK and KK after the 2nd break. No action on my QQ re-raise before going to the flop. 88 gets in a little trouble. KQs v AJ puts me out in 39th for a whopping $3 profit. Hooray for me. Looking back I played much too tight towards the end of the tournament and that was probably what cost me a better finish. A solid lead blown.


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