Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Not quite this high in my hood but $20 got me 6 gallons this morning.

I have been dumping big leads in tournament play lately like a goddamn fish. The MTT last night I blew, I tripled up early in a $10 SNG then managed to donk out in 7th, and right now I was up to over 6K in a MTT and I dropped it to half moments before the break like a moron. The online downward spiral continues to spin lazily into oblivion...

Took down a monster pot w/KQs vs K9 and AK, get it all to the center 3-way on a KxQ flop, turn Q, river blank. Much better. Let's see if I can avoid the blowout...

KK beats TT even when a T spikes the turn as a 4 flush lands on the river!

AA gets snapped by KQ on a Q high flop and I lose a 16K chip pot when a K shows on the river. Make a move with an Ace high and a Wheel draw (more out of frustration at the previous hand) on a J high flop but KK is obviously not going anywhere and I'm screwed again. It's OK, I was supposed to be leaving in 4 minutes for dinner at Daron's mom's house. Still annoyed though.


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