Friday, May 05, 2006

Talked to an old friend yesterday and found out not only is she getting married but she is also preggers too! Tried to get ahold of her after Katrina because I knew she had been overseas at the time but to no avail until she called me out of the clear blue and informed me of the latest developments in her life. Unfortunately her home took some severe damage and she's trying to work that out now but the flip side of the coin definitely merits a hearty congrats Lyn! God bless.

My online tourney play has been the weak link in my game lately as I am either getting screwed by the cards that come or I am just donking myself out while my ring game has been keeping me out of bankruptcy surprisingly. Interesting turn of events.

Went to all my classes today even though I started fading heavily at the end during Math. Got my first major paper assignment back in my English class with a B+ on it and found out my rushed attempt at my Art midterm exam scored an A+!?! English midterm coming back next week as well as taking my Sociology midterm.


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