Monday, June 05, 2006


The title says it all. Figured it out the 2nd to last hand I played tonight (this morning). I bumped it pre-flop on the button, flop 357. You bet your sweet ass I had a suited 46! Threw away the right card to flop the 2nd nut flush in Pineapple (not Crazy mind you) to bust both Jiddy and Steve at once and end our short-handed game. 5+ hours at the house for +$100. 2 hours right before that at the Grand to come up almost $500 on the $6/12 table. Right off the bat I make the nut flush. Then I get my Queens in the hole run down by a jackass who calls me all the way and makes 2 pair on the river with a stinkin' 24. KK-flop 3JJ against 33 and Jx, turn K and I take down a nice pot when I raise on the river. Trip 8s gets me another decent one. JJ, flop 456 with a flush draw, heavy action commences, turn 6, still heavy betting. I pray for a river Jack and WHAM! there it is! I was up against a flopped straight all along, someone made trip 6s on the turn but I managed my miracle 2-outer for a huge pot!!! WOOHOO!!! Made 2 big suckouts to win the FlopTalk's weekly as well. The 4th day of the 6th month...

The Cheap Thieves also lost today against Gilbertology, creating a 3-way tie for 1st in our division, with us in 2nd. At least we can say we're in 2nd now. It's up to me to bring us to .500 hopefully with a win against the Posse next weekend.


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