Sunday, April 23, 2006

FCPHUPL Season Opener

Theresa took 2 from 3 from me last night but I got her twice this morn, both times w/KK. First one I got to turn a straight for the right price, 2nd we got it all-in before the flop, I flopped my A. Beat Mathias once this morning too-had him down then he came back then I ground him down again until we both held J7 with trips on the turn but I scored a 4 flush on the river. Feel real good about today's match. Pulled my H/U practice record to an even .500 (8-8) with these 3 wins. Lost $40 to Zimmer on a side bet when he beat Randy-damn. Less than an hour to go...

Balloon guy busted me in 10 minutes. Ugh. Very first hand I turn the nut straight. Then it's all downhill. Go out when I flop a better pair but he turns a set, giving me a straight draw to boot, and we get it all to the center because I can't really see a hand he'd be playing that was that strong on that board the way it was played other than just trying to shut me out of the pot. But he does and I don't improve. Disappointing start to the season. Then I bust out of a MTT early when my JJ loses to an A2 that flops a deuce but picks up running Aces. Then I'm 1st out of my own private tourney that I got some FCP crew to join when Theresa flops top set and I have the nut flush draw the hand after I was crippled by a re-draw on the river. Out of another MTT when my TT runs into QQ after a solid 1st hour of play and halfway through the field. Flop-talk's weekly game in a little, which I've gotten Chris and Theresa to join as well this week, then it's essay time...


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